To be Human

To be a human is to have a body. With out one you are not one. We are flesh, bone — a packaged deal– like peas and carrots, saint and sinner, same stew. As a member of Homo sapiens sapiens you have one and you have the other.

Words alone no longer adequately describe the human experience of flesh, bone and spirit. Martin Luther once said the church should be like a “mouth house” when it came to the gospel. If Luther had access to a camera and a digital film editing suite he might have expanded his horizons to include the eyes. These tools have allowed to depict the world in a beautiful way.

These videos are intended to supplement and enhance worship by depicting the human experience¬† as it is— through the lens of scripture, contemporary culture, and any other bright ideas that are shared with me as I search through the revealing landscape of Youtube, satellite radio and personal experience. The tells me that spiritual thirst is real.

The humbling of the (greater) church (and at the two precious little ones I serve) means more than just our failure in the religious marketplace. It causes us to take a good hard look at ourselves and ask the question of ourselves. I hope these videos can aid in that questioning. They will not answer them.

Without sounding snobbish, I avoid cheesy stuff. I’m not sure what cheesy is exactly, but like obscenity, I know it when I see it.

Some videos may swerve into touchy areas. I myself have censored myself last minute on Sunday mornings after some self monitoring. I will provide trigger alerts as needed. That was <strong>not</strong> a pun. My advice? You know your congregation.

Lastly, as words are powerful things, so too are images, especially when set to meaningful music and lyrics. They can be effective tools for proclamation and have been received very well in my congregations. However images can be manipulative, even if unwittingly so. I am open to accountability. If you have a concern with a video or an image, please don’t hesitate to let me know. However, if it is the case that you just did not like the video, don’t watch it.

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